First Official Project: Complete!

I’ve long since been a builder of things like puzzles, shoe collections, tensions, drama, etc. But today I can add another item to the list! Shelves!

Since we got the kittens almost a year ago, it’s been pretty clear to me that I needed to come up with a better litter box/laundry/towel storage solution for the kids’ bathroom. I had a simple IKEA shelf tucked into the little cave-like area, but that only gave me a place for towels. So, when I finally decided to start actually getting things done, this was #1 on the To-Do List. Sadly, I don’t have a good before picture. I’ll have to remember to snap pics before I start a project in the future. But I do have an after picture! (Of course)


So, four shelves, the bottom two are longer  in order to cover the litter box and hold the laundry basket. The rest is for towels and, naturally, my giant rubber duckie. (A staple in many homes, I’m sure.)

No, it isn’t a work of art, but I’m insanely happy that it’s done. Since it’s the first thing of this nature I’ve ever built, I know there are many things that can be improved upon and done differently/better. For starters, my next project involving large boards should also involve a table saw, so now that’s on the shopping list. Some gaps between board a wall are a bit cringe-worthy, but those three walls aren’t very straight, so the task was even more frustrating for my inexperienced self. Primed, painted, sealed, installed, and never coming out.

Onward to the next project!!

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