New Carpet! And Paint!

Before we even received the keys to the house, we knew at least the carpet in the bedrooms downstairs should be replaced. We were thinking that may be a project for next year.

And then Jeremy bought a UV flashlight and looked at the carpet with a new eye…

What was a smallish project planned for next year became twice as large, and more important. This, coupled with a carpet sale at RC Willey, led us through their doors one fine day where we picked out some new Stainmaster carpets. We let the kids pick out their’s, and we chose a fun color for the playroom. Finally, about a month later, it is finally installed!

Let’s start with Liam’s room. Here is the before picture. The carpet wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t awesome either. The walls were a combination of ugly, ugly, and more ugly. Here is the before picture:


I’m in the process of painting his walls a light gray, and he chose a nice speckled gray carpet. I am super excited to see his room come together, but it my be a little while before I can get the walls finished. Here is the carpet:


Moving on to the girl’s room. It started with a combination of white and very like pink walls. The carpet was a horrid blue that looked as if it were original to the house. We called it the “crunchy room,” and on occasion the “shroom room” due to the mushroom growing in one of the corners when we got the keys… I did not even like to walk through this room, and the kid’s did not sleep in here. On to the pictures! Before:


I painted the room purple on one side and pink on the other. The girls picked a grape colored carpet. I was worried about the colors clashing, and I guess they do, but in the end I really don’t care. The girls love it, and I love that the carpet does not crunch with every step. After:


The playroom is kind of a weird room. We think it was originally designed as a home theater, but it is such a small room! The biggest downfall is that there are no windows, but I hope to get lots of new lighting in here to help. The carpet was actually not horrible, but we decided to change it to something more fun. And clean. The picture below is my best before picture of the carpet (‘best’ not meaning even remotely good, but I seemed to have missed this room while getting pictures of everything else…). What you are seeing is what the kids call ‘the secret passway’ between the playroom and Liam’s room. That gross chunk of green rug has been replaced with the same gray from Liam’s room. The smaller door on the left is access to a hall closet, we think to house electronics for the home theater. The old carpet can be seen at the very bottom. Before:


We chose a nice green to go in here, and it is SO SOFT! I am planning on either painting a forest on the walls, or getting a large wallpaper mural of trees, I haven’t decided which. Also, I’m hoping to put a small stage in here, probably right next to the secret passageway. After:


Last, but not least, we get to the master bedroom. This room was originally an exercise room, and the carpet stains seen under the UV light were… interesting. Before:


I painted the walls a dark blue, and I was stuck on the idea of a light gray carpet. So, here is the result:


Yes, the mirrors are still on two walls, and there they will stay until we are ready to undertake that enormous task of mirror removal and wall fixing. This will probably not happen any time soon.

I am so happy to have this project complete, and the house feels so much more comfortable! Now, if only we had some furniture…

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