Yes, we are slackers, but you probably already knew that…

Howdy all, Adrienne here.

Three months ago we created this blog thinking it would be a great place for us to share not only our new house with others, but also to share the blood, sweat, and tears that we put into it to make it into our forever home. Since then, we’ve shared a whole lotta nothin’. Let me apologize for our silence. Life has been very busy indeed!

We have been making quiet a few improvements to the property, and we will be making an extra effort to document what we’re doing and posting about it here. Now that the weather is getting more Winter-like, we’ll be spending more time indoors, and hopefully some of that time will be spent typing dutifully away.

We are excited to share what we’ve done and what we still have yet to do. We are looking forward to any ideas you may have on various things (because I still have no earthly idea what to do with the iguana enclosure), and yes, we even want you to tell us when we are doing something wrong. This is our first house, and even though Jeremy and I are geniuses who can hop, chew gum, and install a ceiling fan all at the same time, while counting backwards from 100 in Swahili, we are bound to do something weird and/or just plain wrong.

We are organizing our thoughts, and our pictures, and hopefully there will be a few posts going up in the next few days. If not, feel free to call Jeremy and complain, because if you were to complain to me, I would just blame him anyway. Isn’t that what wives are for?

Have a fantastic Sunday evening everyone!

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